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Virtual Fundraising Solutions 

With recent events and health concerns, non-profits and charities could expect to see a decrease in donations and fundraising activities from their planned events and other person-to-person activities.  Thankfully, there have been many technological advances over the last 5 years which makes it easy to collect donations and manage fundraising activities through various virtual channels.  Below is a short infographic that we put together highlighting the different ways you can collect funds virtually.  We hope you find this infographic useful.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or we can be of assistance with the iConnectX platform.

Download the Infographic here - Virtual Fundraising Solutions Infographic

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iConnectX Virtual Fundraising Solutions

Considering recent health concerns, many of us – maybe you, are rethinking how we handle ways to generate funds for your cause.  We are all experiencing a shift in our in-person events to online events including auctions, donations and fundraising.  We can help you facilitate virtual events as well as virtual opportunities including donations, fundraising and auctions to help generate funds for your cause.  Find out more at

About iConnectX

iConnectX is a social platform which provides fundraising tools and services for nonprofits.  

Because iConnectX offers a single suite of easy-to-use tools, nonprofits benefit by:

  • Getting back time to focus on their primary cause
  • Gaining access to a pool of like-minded, giving professionals for future networking and fundraising opportunities
  • Showing off their nonprofit through a customized micro-site capable of running auctions, accepting donations, managing events and more.
Learn more about the iConnectX platform by going to or setting up your own personal demo below.