Hosted Events

That’s right, we will provide you with the ability to host your own event for your nonprofit.  From selling your tickets and soliciting sponsorships, promoting and running your own auction or both!


Sell Tickets for Your Next Event

Host your Virtual or in-person event, sell tickets and raise funds!

  • Customized webpage
  • Sell Tickets; multi-level, Early Bird & discount pricing options
  • Virtual or in-person options
  • Full reporting

Host and Manage Your Auctions

Looking to host an auction to raise funds for your nonprofit?  iConnectX has the solution. 

  • Customized webpage
  • Bidder registration
  • Watch, Auto-bid, Buy Now options
  • Run & Manage your auction
  • Full reporting

Your site launches when you want and stays running for up to 90 days, from the start of your event until one week after.  We send you all the data in comprehensive reports for you to load to your CRM or internal database.